About Patriot Muscle

About Patriot Muscle

Patriot Muscle, LLC is a veteran owned and operated business and all of our products are manufactured, packaged, and mailed within the U.S.A. Our mission is to provide you with high quality patriotic clothing and unique designs that can be worn with pride at an affordable cost. It is also our objective to provide timely delivery as well as prompt, professional, and friendly customer service. We are located in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Associated Charities

St. Jude Children’s Hospitals & Wounded Warrior Project

10% of all profits from people like you will be split evenly to both of these great organizations and their related causes.

A Message from the Owner.

Thank you for your interest in our business. Patriot Muscle, LLC was formed in May of 2019 and was launched in January of 2020. We gladly contribute to St. Jude and the Wounded Warrior Project. We have also taken great strides to ensure our products are made in the U.S.A. and that we only use American vendors, because putting American flags and slogans on a foreign product and selling it to you would not sit well with us. Although this process does cost more money than using foreign sources, we are cognizant that we do not pass that cost on to you. We are a military and patriotic oriented organization, but throughout our nation’s history, some of our greatest American Patriots were never directly associated with the military. As a result, it has never been a requirement to be a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine to be someone who contributes to the greater good. Our country has always been a work in progress, and there is rarely a shortage of work to be done by all of us. However, if you’re connected to our military or our first responders, then we extend a special thank you for your dedication and what you do each day for our communities and our country.

Semper Fi – Ed Lynch

Artwork and Graphic Design

All of our artwork and graphic design is done by Eddie Clark. Eddie is a former U.S. Army Green Beret and he does all of the artwork and graphic design from scratch for Patriot Muscle, LLC. He was also instrumental in designing the company LOGO. Eddie is currently the co-owner of PLYABLES, LLC. His company is located in Carroll, Ohio. Eddie can be contacted at info@plyables.com

Website Creation

Our website has been set up and is managed by Bryce Acree. Bryce is a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and is the owner of AcreeTek. Feel free to contact him at bryce@acreetek.com.

Printing and Manufacturing

All of our shirts are printed by Mark Weimann. Mark is the owner of NORTHWEST INK, LLC and his company is located in Powder Springs, Georgia. Feel free to contact him at nwinksales@gmail.com.

About the Owner

Ed Lynch is a native of Saginaw, Michigan and is the founder and owner of Patriot Muscle, LLC. He is a 20 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Starting out with the Marine Presidential Honor Guard and Silent Drill Team, he went on to serve as a Force Recon Marine, Sniper, High Altitude Parachutist, Combat Dive Instructor, and Special Operations Training Group Instructor. Upon retiring from active duty, he worked for the Federal Air Marshal Service and later served as a Combat Advisor for the Asymmetric Warfare Group (U.S. Army), and has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan on multiple occasions. He has also been employed overseas as a CIA Contractor in various combat zones and high risk areas and has over 34 years of combined government service. Ed and his wife Janet have been married for over 25 years and have three children together.

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